Big Sis Energy is a programme within to the Nike membership which brings together teenage girls through sports and sports-related activities in their local neighbourhoods. A way to meet new people, hang and develop skills.
The name plays on BDE, but BSE being an environment where you are being taught by your older sister - non-patronising like a teacher and encouraging all the way. The logo is empowering with its bold presence yet friendly with serif details.
This example illustration gives the brand a unique style against Nike and other brands. The style aims to make the imagery more inclusive by having characters details, like race and size, not conform to media standards.
It is essential that Big Sis Energy is integrated well with the existing events system but is a surprising twist with it's bright colours and fun design.
Since the programme adapted to each area, the brand needed to pop up in any space. I chose an A-board and grid wall panel to allow information specific to the space to be interchangeable and easily stored when not in use.
To give details about the Big Sis Energy in an easily digestible and fun way, the leaflet information was designed like a pop quiz - inspired by teen magazines - to determine the suitability.
The illustrations carry through as a way to encourage participation as achievements. These are examples of physical and digital stickers that can be collected.
For teenagers in London, I decided to use advertisements on public transport where BSE is available. The posters quickly explain that the brand's focus being more on the community moreover the initial sport connection to Nike.
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